Porn Film Festival to show Kiwi flick

Wednesday 22 October 2008, 7:06AM

By Glitter Films Ltd



We have become quite used to New Zealand films being recognized on the international stage. So to hear that an independent kiwi film is selected for an international film festival will come as no surprise. However, when it’s a porn film festival, your mouth likely opens and you are asking yourself – do we even produce porn in New Zealand?

Well we do, albeit from a fledgling industry, and our adult films are gaining recognition on the international stage. “JOHN” the first GUY LOVE® production from porn arthouse GLITTER FILMS® makes it’s European debut on Friday 24th 2008 in Berlin at the 3rd Annual Berlin Porn Film Festival.

“This is very exciting, JOHN was a risky film to make. Not only was it the first 100% kiwi made xxx boy-boy film, not only was it being made by a woman, but we made porn with soul ”, explains Astrid Glitter, director of GLITTER FILMS. “We asked people what they thought was missing in adult films. The answer was consistently, a story and real people. That’s what we strive to give them in our films, that’s what makes our films, including JOHN, so different from the rest.”

Bondage to splatter porn; gay, straight, undecided - The Berlin Porn Film Festival showcases the gamut of film genres and sexual persuasions, at it’s heart is a drive to showcase porn that is non-mainstream and daring.

GLITTER FILMS – an arthouse for adult film, based in New Zealand and passionate about producing adult films with a difference.

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