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Half Way There For HBMAG Redevelopment
Friday 11 May 2012, 12:06PM
By Napier City Council


Construction work for the redevelopment of the Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery is now past the halfway point.

And while earthquake strengthening work required a shift in the project focus, building progress is close to target for meeting the early-2013 completion date.

All the new wing’s concrete floors, including those for the basement, ground floor and first floor, are in place, first floor blockwork walls are well advanced and the steel roof frame is being constructed off site.

The services trade work continues in the new wing, being built on the corner of Marine Parade and Tennyson Street, and timber frame walls are being lined in the building’s basement.

The linkway is near watertight, with the roofing completed, cladding in place and windows installed. Trades are putting services in place and the lift is expected on site shortly.

An earthquake risk is being addressed with the removal of unreinforced brick cladding from the Gwen Maldon Gallery’s exterior walls. The openings created are to be refinished with plastered timber framework.

The Bestall and McLean Galleries’ red brick walls will be strengthened to preserve their external facades. This will involve tying the internal and external brick walls together with specialised masonry screws. The internal walls will then be coated with fibreglass and tied back to the columns. INDEX