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Dr. Compost Spreads The Word
Tuesday 21 February 2012, 2:19PM
By Queenstown Lakes District Council


People wanting to find out more about home composting will have the perfect opportunity at this weekend’s Queenstown Home Show.

Queenstown Lakes District Council-funded composting guru Dr Compost (aka Ben Elms of Wanaka Wastebusters) will be in attendance at the show demonstrating home composting systems including compost heaps, worm farms and bokashi systems and giving tips on how people can get the best out of their compost.

QLDC solid waste manager Stefan Borowy said recent years had seen a surge in interest in gardening, with composting providing a natural and cost effective way to recycle food scraps and green waste and put nutrition back into the soil.

“Composting takes food scraps and green waste out of the landfill diverting it to where it can be of maximum benefit – our own vege patches and gardens.”

“People who are new to gardening may think that composting is difficult but Dr Compost is here to dispel those pre-conceptions and show people that it’s easy to build your own compost heap,” he said.

“Composting doesn’t always have to be about having a pile in the corner of the garden either, “Mr Borowy said.

“There are plenty of other methods including bokashi buckets, home composters and worm farms that can be used to make compost and Council has subsidies available that substantially reducing the price for householders.”

As well as appearing at the Queenstown Home Show, Dr Compost will be running two one and a half hour home composting workshops on behalf of the Council in March for anyone wanting to investigate home composting.

Event Information

The Queenstown Home Show - 24, 25 and 26 February 2012 at the Queenstown Events Centre. 10am-5pm daily

Dr Compost Home Composting Workshops:

Wanaka QLDC office, Ardmore Street 12pm on 22 March, 2012

Queenstown QLDC office, Gorge Road, Queenstown 12pm on 23 March, 2012. INDEX