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Water supply resumes to most Bluff residents
Wednesday 30 November 2011, 12:52PM
By Invercargill City Council


“Repairs to the Bluff water supply have gone much more quickly than first anticipated and most people in Bluff will have their water back on,” Council’s Water Manager Alister Murray said.

Mr Murray said Council staff were currently in the process of resuming water supply to all of Bluff.

“I would expect most residents in Bluff to have a water supply, except there may be some people in the higher parts of Bluff, notably Lagan Street, that may not have supply of water as yet but, we would expect to resume normal supply as of lunchtime.”

Mr Murray said anyone in Bluff that did not have a water supply after lunchtime should call Council’s Water Control Tower on 211 1679.

“Council apologises for the inconvenience and thanks the people of Bluff for their patience,” Mr Murray said. INDEX