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Tree removal begins at South New Brighton next month
Friday 27 April 2012, 8:58AM
By Christchurch City Council


Work will begin early next month to remove earthquake-damaged trees from Bridge Reserve in South New Brighton.

The work to remove the trees will begin on Monday 7 May and it is scheduled to be completed by Friday 22 June 2012. The Bridge Reserve will be closed until the work is completed.

Christchurch City Council Transport and Greenspace Manager Alan Beuzenberg says that the earthquake-damaged trees have deteriorated over the summer and the Council is left with no option but to remove the dead and dying trees in the Bridge Reserve as they are unsafe.

"Most of the trees will be removed due to earthquake damage, but some will be left along the estuary for nesting and to maintain the wildlife habitat in the area.

"The felling of trees is likely to cause ground vibrations which could be upsetting for some residents. Our contractors are mindful of this and will be taking care to minimise the affects of noise, dust and ground movement while this work is underway. In addition, heavy vehicles will be in the area to remove the trees and they may cause some traffic disruption," he says.

Local residents will be provided with an information leaflet today, but if they need any further information please contact the Council Customer Call Centre, phone 941-8999.

Background information:

* It is estimated that 800 to 1000 trees will be removed from Bridge Reserve * Council has contracted Treescape to remove the trees. * Most of the mature pine and macrocarpa trees, which will be removed, are estimated to be 60 years of age or older. * There are number of causes of earthquake damage to trees: - As a result of the ground movement during earthquake events the trees have sustained root damage which causes the trees to become unstable and fall over. - As a result in the drop in land levels, there are now higher water levels in this area. This results in trees becoming water logged and they can drown. - The water logging also results in a lack of friction between the root plate and the surrounding soil. This results in trees toppling over. - Higher water levels in the area have also caused salt water contamination of tree roots. * The Bridge Reserve replanting plan is not yet finalised. While it is unlikely that the plan will include mature trees, specific species to be planted are yet to be confirmed. The Council hope that replanting will commence in May/June 2013. * As the trees will be completely removed from Bridge Reserve, there will be no wood available for residents. As part of the contract negotiations with Treescape, they will own the wood from the felled trees. By doing this, Council staff have reduced the cost of the tree removal project by selling the wood to Treescape. INDEX