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The new Land Cruiser in spectacular Skippers Canyon on a half day 4WD tour. CREDIT: Nomad Safaris

Iconic tourism operator Nomad Safaris invests in new 4WD fleet
Wednesday 9 May 2012, 4:40PM
By Southern Public Relations


One of New Zealand’s most established 4WD tour operators is investing in a new fleet of Land Cruisers to take passengers into some of the country’s most stunning backcountry in the latest comfort, safety and style.

Queenstown’s Nomad Safaris has always been strongly focused on customer comfort, so even at a time when tourism budgets are tightening it continues to invest in the overall customer experience.

“The introduction of these new coach-built vehicles is a concerted investment in our 16-strong fleet, because we recognise how much that fleet is central to the Nomad experience,” said Nomad Safaris co-director David Gatward-Ferguson.

Nomad Safaris has over two decades of expertise operating small, personalised tours in Queenstown and the wider region, with a diverse portfolio of guided tours for both independent and group travellers.

Its current fleet enables it to take up to 100 passengers at any one time.

Mr Gatward-Ferguson said three of the new vehicles would be in place for the winter 2012 season, with others to be introduced in a rolling programme.

“The Land Cruiser is a true “off-road” vehicle, capable of taking six passengers in forward-facing leather seats. These latest additions to our fleet have been fitted to our specifications with the customer in mind, including a big, easy-access door,” he said.

“They have wonderful revolutionary skylights embedded into a higher roof so passengers can easily see the towering peaks and stunning scenery above and around them as they travel, and which enable a huge amount of light to come into the vehicle.

“For our customers that means they get a real sense of spaciousness and of their surroundings, while still travelling in a vehicle that’s intimate enough for our drivers to communicate without needing microphones on what is an interactive, personal tour.”

Mr Gatward-Ferguson said the new vehicles were also more environmentally friendly and economical, being biofuel-ready, and featuring a bigger engine which was much quieter and requiring a lot less fuel to drive at low speeds.

Nomad Safaris has more than 20 tour options operating year-round, ranging from 4WD pioneer adventures in rugged Skippers Canyon and remote goldrush country Macetown, to quad bike safaris, guided walks and Lord of the Rings tours.

Nomad Safaris has run a series of tours in to the gold mining historical areas of Queenstown since 1988 and introduced Lord of The Rings location tours early in 2002.

Mr Gatward-Ferguson said trips ranged in length from two hours to all day, and operated year-round.

“Our trips can be fully customised for special interest and conference groups on request,” he said.

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