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Main Bus Terminal Upgrade - the path forward
Thursday 31 May 2012, 11:32AM
By Palmerston North City Council


The public will have more time to consider the upgrade of the Main Bus Terminal in Main Street.

In June last year Palmerston North City Councillors identified the existing urban bus terminal site as the preferred location for the upgraded central bus and inter-regional services terminal.

Three options were developed and consultation with key stakeholders began in November and during that period it became clear that two of the options were not suitable. In January this year the process was put on hold after local businesses asked the Council to seek independent reports on the potential retail impact and noise issues. The two independent reports on parking implications and acoustics are both publically available at

It was hoped that the preferred option would go before the Council's Planning and Policy Committee for consideration in June however following concerns voiced by local retailers the Council reviewed the consultation process taken to date and staff agreed the public should have more time to consider the preferred option and make submissions which will be taken into consideration when the preferred option is presented to Planning and Policy Committee.

The new timeline is as follows:

1 June - 29 June

PNCC officers will be available to discuss the proposal one-on-one, at small group meetings or by phone or email. Submissions will be welcome.


29 June

Last date for written submissions.

30 July

Hearing of submissions at an Extraordinary meeting of Planning and Policy Committee. A maximum of 10 minutes per submission will be available.

13 August

Policy & Planning Committee - Councillors will consider the project in light of the submissions received and heard and the analysis undertaken.


Palmerston North City Council chief executive Paddy Clifford says "the new timeline will allow both bus users and retailers the opportunity to comment on the preferred option.

It will also provide staff with more time to take into consideration their submissions and adjust the preferred option before it goes before the Planning and Policy Committee in August."

Palmerston North City Mayor Jono Naylor has welcomed the revised timeline, "I believe we now have the mix right. I hope retailers will see that Council listens to concerns and acts on them. At the end of the day we want a facility that will last the city for several decades - One that will meet the demands of growth and reflect the inevitable increase of fuel prices."

A flyer has been developed calling for submissions (submissions close 29 June) on the preferred option. It will be distributed at the Manawatū Chamber of Commerce meeting this evening, to retailers in the vicinity of Main Street and to bus users.

For more information please contact:

Paddy Clifford
Chief Executive
Palmerston North City Council
C/o Dominica Pikimaui

Phone: 3568199