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BUILDING   19 November 2010, 10:49PM

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HeritageReplicaChimney safe repair fix

HeritageReplicaChimneyproduce an engineer verified chimney that will fix or repair damaged chimneys. It also disguises the metal tube flue on classic or Heritage homes. Because the system reuses the brick slips cut from the original bricks it retains the integrity of the design for Heritage purposes. The Eathquake proof design is built to the latest NZS3604 standards so is braced well to withstand the next Earthquake. Unlike other rebuilds that will need significant reinforcing of the existing stack to allow a mortared in brick stack the HeritageReplicaChimney is lightweight and safe. One of the reasons so much damage was done to classic homes in Christchurch in this latest earthquake was that old chimneys were originally built without cement. In 1968 the Inangahua earthquake toppled many of these chimneystacks in Christchurch and they were dutifully replaced with original heavyweight brick tops. What owners did not realise was that when they fell for the second time from double story homes these heavyweight blocks of cemented together bricks toppled off as a single piece and fell straight though roof, ceiling, floor, ceiling, and through the lower floor imbedding up to a foot in the soil below the bottom floor. These chimney fix jobs were done by well meaning tradespeople but they set up some of the worst Classic and Heritage home damage seen. By contrast the HeritageReplicaChimney system is lightweight and safe with a cavity system over structural timber frame and bracing ply. The genuine brick slip cladding gives it the authenticity homes of this type need to retain their status and capital value. INDEX