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LEGAL   21 November 2007, 2:03PM

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Members of the international law network Multilaw met in Auckland recently to discuss the latest network developments. Pictured is John Leaman of Uruguay firm Guyer & Rugles with Mark Lowndes, Partner of Lowndes Associates, appointed by Multilaw as New Zealand’s only member firm. Multilaw’s collaborative structure provides businesses and clients with access to a vast array of international legal expertise.

To be invited to membership, a firm must meet Multilaw’s criteria: the highest standards of ethics and quality and the ability to service all needs of the typical international business client. Mr Leaman said, “Lowndes Associates acts as Multilaw’s New Zealand ambassador to 63 member firms and 5,000 legal experts across the globe. It is a strong partner because of its significant practice in cross-border transactions, and its intellectual property expertise.”

Mr Lowndes said membership of Multilaw meant Lowndes Associates could use its access to international legal knowledge to add value to clients. “In order to move ahead, New Zealand law firms must avoid operating in isolation from the rest of the world. Our international networks keep us well informed about what is going on globally so we can provide accurate and timely advice to our clients who are conducting business in other jurisdictions.”

He said the Multilaw relationships had been invaluable to Lowndes Associates’ in its current $450 million of mergers and acquisitions transactions, which include international business operations. INDEX