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ARCHERY   28 April 2012, 2:50PM

CREDIT: Nicola Inglis (Added by Archery Direct Ltd) - 1600 views ID: 19788

Hamilton's Hunger Games

The hit movie sequel 'The Hunger Games' featuring an archer that gathers movie-goers worldwide has sparked a huge interest in Archery throughout New Zealand. In Hamilton, Archery Direct, a pro-shop supplying a large selection of bowhunting, bowfishing and kids' archery equipment, sees more interest than ever for the sport.

"It’s finally becoming recognised and validated again," Archery Direct co-founder Greg Roberts said.

Archery Direct was primarily an online Archery Store. But now husband and wife team, Greg & Toni Roberts have taken it to the next level and opened a pro-shop in Hamilton.

Caro Inglis (fan of 'The Hunger Games') models a 'PSE Recurve' by Archery Direct.

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