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BUSINESS   19 April 2013, 1:05PM
Managing Technology Must be Top Priority for Small Businesses
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Managing Technology Must be Top Priority for Small Businesses

Director of WebSafety NZ encourages small businesses to ‘up their game’ when it comes to managing technology in the workplace.

Dean Stewart is an expert in his field and sees the fallout on a weekly basis from companies who struggle to deal with computer viruses, malware and the risk of sensitive data leaking out of their organization.

“Many small businesses take an unintentional reactive approach when it comes to computer security”, says Dean Stewart.  He goes onto say that businesses are spending thousands of dollars on cleaning viruses from infected computers, while potentially loosing thousands in lost productivity.

Businesses find it difficult to manage personal device usage in the workplace. If this is not clearly defined, it can put the business at further risk of infection. USB devices are a classic example where virus infection and data leakage flourish.

Data leakage has been thrown into the spotlight recently, after breaches discovered within the ACC and EQC. Sensitive information falling into the wrong hands can have a huge impact on the reputation of an organization. Strategic company data falling into the wrong hands may give a competitor a clear advantage.

Earlier this week the anti-virus company Symantec published an article in the NZ Herald urging small businesses to increase computer security.

Unmanaged internet usage is another concern. Not only does it become a productivity issue, but also a source of virus infection. Businesses are encouraged to implement filtering and monitoring software to prevent inappropriate surfing as well as protect computers from sites that may introduce a virus.
It is important for businesses to take into account the damage caused by unwanted comments about the company on social media too.

Dean Stewart says “Implementing policies that set the boundaries around technology and social media make staff accountable for their actions. Backing it up with simple filtering and monitoring software introduces internet security and is in line with best business practice”.

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