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SWIMMING   5 June 2013, 10:33AM

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Northern Arena is delighted to announce that Manuka Doctor have not only agreed to sponsor the initiative again in 2013, but to increase its’ funding to $125,000, which will allow over 1200 infant and toddlers, under the age of three a term of free swimming lessons.

Silverdale’s Northern Arena, in conjunction with Manuka Doctor’s ApiTherapy range, are offering a term of free swimming lessons to 1200 infants and toddlers under the age of three, for the second year in a row.

With the aim of being proactive in the community and provide a positive family experience in a safe environment, in 2012 Manuka Doctor funded a joint initiative with Northern Arena, which allowed 904 infants and toddlers to receive a free term of swimming at Northern Arena Learn to Swim School, Silverdale, Auckland. The response to the sponsored lessons was overwhelming, with all spaces for free lessons being filled within 2 days of the promotion opening.

Knowing that New Zealand is among the worst in the Developed World for its’ drowning statistics, Manuka Doctor and Northern Arena agreed that a continuous effort is required to make a change.  New Zealanders “she’ll be alright” attitude toward learning to swim needs to change. A cultural shift is required and we believe programmes like, Manuka Doctor Water Babies are a much-needed move.

With the help of Manuka Doctor we can teach more infants and toddlers a valuable life skill of learning to swim, to be safer around water and arm parents and infants with the skills to save themselves and potentially other lives in the future.

Three times Olympian, parent and Northern Arena Head of Swimming Dean Kent, says “learning to swim isn’t just an activity it is, especially in New Zealand, an essential life skill.  As a parent, learning to swim is an activity I view as just as important, for my son Connor, as learning to read and write.”

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