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BUSINESS   5 April 2016, 7:39PM
Photostability Chambers
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Photostability Chambers

The REMI Photostability Chambers are designed for Photostability Tests as per ICH guidelines Q1B. These conditions require white fluorescent light exposure of not less than 1.2 million LUX hours and integrated near Ultra Violet energy of not less than 200 watt hours/square meter. These chambers are manufactured as per GMP norms.

Maintains precise long term conditions
Complete solution for simulation of desired Fluorescent, UV Illumination, Temperature & humidity in the chamber
Calibrated digital light meter for measuring the light intensity

For more information please visit our product links @ Photostability Chambers

Photostability Chambers   2 May 2016
Photostability Chambers   2 May 2016
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