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BUSINESS   5 April 2016, 7:44PM
Walk in Stability Chamber
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Walk in Stability Chamber

The REMI Walk-in Stability Chambers are designed for precise simulating, monitoring & control of temperature and humidity conditions required for long term, intermediate & accelerated stability studies at pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical manufacturing facilities. These chambers are manufactured as per GMP norms. They are available in standard or can be tailor made to suit specific requirements.From maintaining of set parameters to documentation, these chambers meet all critical requirements.

Maintains precise long term conditions
Complete solution for simulation of desired Temperature & humidity in the chamber
Intelligent PLC/PID control system helps maintain highly accurate set parameters
Biometrics system for secured door access
Dual Capacitance type Humidity Sensors failure of one sensor automatically transfers regulation to other sensor
Chamber illumination by fluorescent tubes
PUF Insulation 80 mm for maximum thermal protection
Spring Door Latch for door closure
Blower Motor for forced air circulation
Control panel with Data-logger, PC connectivity and electrical components
Standby refrigeration by Compressor-1 and Compressor-2
Standby humidity by Heater-1 and Heater-2
Emergency bell switch to open the door from inside
Highly ergonomic handle with unique multi lever key lock
SS Racks and Trays

For more information please visit our product links @ Walk in Stability Chamber | Walk in Chamber

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