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FESTIVAL   18 October 2016, 9:30AM

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The Eukanuba Shepherds' Shemozzle - celebrating the Huntaway working dog, a Kiwi innovation

The Eukanuba Shepherds’ Shemozzle at Hunterville Huntaway Festival, Saturday 29 October 2016
Once a year working NZ Sheep dogs (Huntaways) right across the North Island get a day off to compete in a fun race with their Shepherd - The Eukanuba Shepherds’ Shemozzle – think adventure racing meets mud run meets top town. A uniquely Kiwi event celebrating one of NZ’s special treasures - the Huntaway.

The Eukanuba Shepherds’ Shemozzle is a highlight for eventgoers of the annual Hunterville Huntaway Festival held in the Rangitikei district. Around 5,000 people, and their dogs, enjoy the races and entertainment - last year’s contestants carried bull’s testicles in their mouths, scrambled through mud and pushed their Huntaways in wheelbarrows!

“The Shemozzle course is fast paced with a series of obstacles, so the dogs need plenty of energy to have a chance of winning,” said Emma Prideaux, Eukanuba Brand Manager.

“In a normal working day, some Huntaways could cover over 100km on a large farm - they need high quality protein for fewer injuries, tailored energy for both endurance and sprints, and overall health support to keep them in the field for longer. Shepherds can see the difference in their dog’s performance when they feed them high quality food like Eukanuba,” said Prideaux. INDEX