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PETS   20 October 2016, 2:39PM

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Get into your dog's head: how they really feel about Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes is a fun and festive occasion for the two-legged, but for dogs it can be a disturbing and scary time. You can just imagine them thinking “Why is my family trying to blow up my home?!”

“Pets can suffer anxiety as much as we do, sometimes worse as they can’t rationalise what is happening” said Veterinarian Lauren Bleaken. “Bright colours, flashes, loud bangs and cracks can result in anxiety. In my time as a Vet, this has presented behaviourally as dogs running away, hiding under beds, hyperventilating, wetting the bed, and in extreme cases, breaking through plate glass doors in order to escape the unknown attack” said Bleaken.

VitaPet Brand Manager Nigel Owen said “Dogs can’t talk so we can only assume what they’re feeling from their behaviour. Here’s some things you can you do to ease potential stress:”.

Tips in the home

Good Planning

If you are concerned

It is important to take action now, as “these experiences can cause enormous anxiety, and for some pets this anxiety gets worse year upon year,” said Bleaken.

On a more positive note… this crazy period is a great excuse to spend more quality time with your dog.  Keep some extra VitaPet dog treats on hand and get out and have some fun together – and while you’re out and about why not take some great snaps of your clever dog and upload them at They could be in an Ad Campaign and you could win a year’s supply of VitaPet! INDEX