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DANCE   25 January 2017, 5:38PM

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Greydis Montero Lrianza

Creative Director of Aotearoa Cuban Festival and Trustee. Greydis is resident in Rotorua and Director of GreydisDance a dance school teaching contemporary and latin dance to all ages.

Originating from Havana Cuba, Greydis is an award winning and highly accredited dancer with over 20 years experience in the dance world. She has performed and taught throughout the world sharing the hot, sexy and sublime rhythms of Cuba and the Caribbean.

Her national and International experience along with 6 years training at the prestigious and highly competitive Cuban National School of Art ‘ENA’ has allowed her to bring an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, technique, skills and passion to dancers and audiences.

She settled in New Zealand in 2002 after her worldwide tour as Choreographer and Principal Dancer of the hit international show Lady Salsa. She is currently the only professional Cuban Female Dancer, Choreographer and Tutor in New Zealand. 

Greydis is not only a world class exponent of Cuban dance, but a whole range of exhilarating, feel good dances styles and fitness. 

Whether you join one of her dance lessons or witness a performance, you will be captivated by her magical presence on the stage and her fun loving approach to teaching.

Her explosive energy combined with her strong cultural background makes Greydis a hypnotic entertainer and an asset to the dance community.

“Dancing for her is a blessing, a passion and something to be shared” INDEX