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HEALTH   6 January 2018, 6:59PM

CREDIT: Brett Elliott (Added by Brett Elliott, Medical Herbalist) - 976 views ID: 29796

Detox & Heal Your-Self

Why do we get unhealthy or off balance?

The answer is contrary to what you might think. Usually, it's because we have made a real effort to push our body off balance. We put the wrong things in and we make mistakes. As human beings, we are often in contrast to nature as our modern chaotic world exemplifies. We develop attitudes, opinions, and behaviors that are contrary to our natural state of health. Every day we are exposed to substances that don't belong in our body like chemicals, drugs, processed foods, pollutants and negative energy in one form or another.

If you look at nature you will see balance being maintained. Everything must remain in equilibrium. Even a storm or earthquake is natures way of restoring balance. Sometimes a short-term sickness occurs because our body is attempting to restore balance. For example, the common cold can be your body's way of performing a cleanse.   

A detox program is the most powerful tool we can use to clear the way back to perfect health.

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