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WATER   16 December 2009, 10:00AM

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How to read Water Restriction Status Signs

Conservation: (Green)
· Conserve water and restrict unnecessary use.

Sprinkler & Hose Restrictions: (Yellow) 6am–8am and 7pm–9pm only
· Only use your hose or sprinkler between 6am-8m or 7pm-9pm.

· This is to encourage people to supervise sprinklers. Also, watering gardens during the heat of the day wastes water as water just evaporates.

Sprinkler Ban (Orange): 6am–8am and 7pm–9pm only
· No sprinklers (hand-held hoses only), Only use your hand-held hose between 6am-8am and 7pm-9pm.

· Users have more control over handheld water use so are less likely to leave the hose running and waste water.

Total Sprinkler & Hose Ban: (Red)
· You cannot use your sprinkler or hose at all.

· If water usage continues in line with previous trends, there’s a strong chance that full sprinkler and hose bans would be imposed over summer.

To see how your community is going at conserving water, check the website:

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