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Please take a minute to REGISTER HERE and support Kiwi artists and craftsmen! is a growing collection of small quality NZ art and craft online gallery shops, where you can showcase your art, craft, services and supplies in one location, tell more about yourself, sell your items, accept credit card orders and invoice your customers.

Moreover, it is totally FREE to buy and sell on CraftMe.

We want to help our fellow artistic kiwis to market themselves, in a quick affordable and effective way. CraftMe is not another second hand goods market (a garage sale), but a quality premium marketplace for everything unique.

It is a place to buy and sell all things unique, handmade, vintage, handcraft and artisan items, home crafts, hobbies and art & craft supplies.
CraftMe is a distinctive art and craft online marketplace, a collection of boutique kiwi art and craft shops.

You can shop in thousands of categories, from photography and printed art on canvas, to fashion accessories and jewellery, and even handmade soap and home baked cupcakes. It doesn’t matter what you create- we want to showcase anything but the ordinary!

We want you to share your story with people around New Zealand (we also have international customers), and help us to create this collection of quality vibrant artists galleries and handmade items marketplace. When you shop on CraftMe, you support kiwi artists and craftsmen and sustain our local communities.

With more and more people researching a potential purchase of art online, it is essential that all artists and craftsmen have an online presence and the ability to process online sales for those customers who are comfortable purchasing in this way.
With CraftMe you can have your own online gallery storefront, when you present yourself to quality buyers, with your own logo and information pages that you design by yourself. Then, you can sell your items online, accept visa credit cards straight to your NZ bank account, and invoice your customers directly with your details.

CraftMe is not limited to products only- If you have an artistic or creative service, you can open a store as well. Advertise your studio or gallery, your art lessons, private tutoring, or any other design services. You can advertise examples of your work and show them in your online store gallery. Your name is out there in the marketplace, gaining HIGH ranking on Google, so when people shop for other items they are likely to find you as well, as in the real life.

It is important to recognise that many potential customers use CraftMe to find out more detailed information and then travel to a physical gallery or shop to make a purchase. Consequently the value of branded online store cannot be measured solely on the number of transactions done online.

It took us 2 years to develop our systems, just to bring you the most advanced system in the world. When you list your items on CraftMe, our systems gets you high ranking on Google!
In most cases, your Google ranking is going to be number 1!

We developed a system that keeps you well ahead of the competition, and in many cases, the products ranking is higher than the official sites of companies! Check the CraftMe website examples.

So here comes the question- why not to apply the same high Google ranking for your art and craft, completely FREE?
You design your store by yourself- if you know how to type you can do it! We want you to do it simply because you know what works for you- but if you need any help with the design we can do it, for free as well. It is simple, just few clicks away. We give you instructions along the way, and you can talk to our free online support team.

You might have a good website that you are happy with it, so you can have your online store on CraftMe as another channel for advertising and generating sales. Link your website to your CraftMe store and have an instant online store, when you can accept credit card orders and invoice your customers directly with your details and logo. You can also link back from your CraftMe store to your website, not a problem at all.

We want to establish a good quality database of online stores and for that reason we offer our services for free. We want to keep it affordable for everyone, so it is totally FREE to buy and sell on Please take a minute to register on CraftMe, and support New Zealand art and craft!

It took us 2 years to develop it, putting all our life savings and time into it. We are also not backed up by overseas media tycoons. We are 100% Kiwi Company, based in Mt Eden, Auckland, and truly believe in our way.

We want to establish a different quality online shopping marketplace in New Zealand, a place for small artists and craftsmen to get online, in a quick and affordable way. Moreover, any income goes towards further advertising and development of the project, not to finance our operation.

We truly believe in our way, so we will do everything to make it work!
Please take a minute to REGISTER HERE and support Kiwi artists and craftsmen!

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011
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Thursday, 21 July 2011
CraftMe proudly announces: New Zealand's artist painting auctioned for $4000 ( New Zealand's Arts and Crafts online marketplace) CraftMe proudly announces: New Zealand's artist painting auctioned for $4000 A painting by a local New Zealand artist has fetched 4000 NZD at an online auction. 224 views

Monday, 4 July 2011
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Tuesday, 7 June 2011
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Friday, 20 May 2011
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