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If you are searching for SEO Auckland then you need to contact the experts at Clickthrough. Clickthrough is an Auckland SEO and web design company that has been in operation since 2009.

Led by Glen Maquire, the business is dedicated to getting clients websites ranking higher than competitors on the search engines. They do this with a combination of SEO consultancy and SEO, AdWords and Analytics training they offer clients as well as offering SEO friendly website design.

Rather than just writing reports, they have the website development skills to actually make the SEO changes required on clients websites. Sometimes they need to work with the clients website developers to make SEO enhancements to their content management system.

Clickthrough then have a range of whitehat link sources and methods to get their clients link authority and further increase their rankings on the search engines.

They offer a client specific SEO training course held at their Clickthrough premises as well as other courses like Google AdWords and Google Analytics training.

See their Clickthrough SEO Auckland website for more details.

See their Zoomin SEO Auckland, and Finda Web Design listings as well as an SEO Auckland expert, and brandyourself SEO Auckland profile.

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Monday, 7 September 2015
Auckland SEO - importance of onpage wording The importance of well thought-out onpage wording can not be emphasised enough for client websites, says Clickthrough CEO and Auckland SEO expert Glen Maguire Glen finds that so often clients want to rank for phrases yet do not have those phrases included in the page title and content of their pages. 992 views