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Julia Hartley
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Julia Hartley Moore is a high-profile international private investigator recognised for her work in infidelity investigations. As a best-selling author and Auckland’s first female private investigator, she is also a media personality and a favourite spokesperson on high-profile cases. Having left school at 14 due to dyslexia and becoming a mother the next year, Moore has worked hard to become the remarkable self-made woman she is today. Her story, full of highs and lows, serves as an inspiration to many people.

Behind Julia Hartley Moore is a team of qualified professionals who bring their ex-military and ex-police backgrounds in their search for the truth. Together, they offer infidelity investigations, missing persons investigations and computer and mobile phone forensics. Julia Hartley Moore also offers legal services and accept public speaking engagement.

Spearheaded by Julia Hartley Moore, the expert team offers world-class private investigator services. Whether you need surveillance services or legal counselling, Julia Hartley Moore Delivers.

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Monday, 12 February 2018
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Infidelity: From Denial to Acceptance Signs of infidelity, how small they may be, can crumble trust in a relationship. 153 views