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BK's Hamilton Motel. CREDIT: Media PA

BK's Hamilton Motel CREDIT: Media PA

BK's Hamilton Motel offers a home away from home in 5-star comfort. CREDIT: Media PA

BK's Hamilton Motel offers a home away from home in 5-star comfort.
Tuesday 14 February 2017, 9:28AM
By Media PA

Jess Meek/Media PA

BK's Hamilton Motel, which is located close to Braemar and Waikato Hospitals, is our choice for 5-star luxury at an affordable price.

Mel and Nigel pride themselves on the comfort and well-being of their guests, helping out in any way they can.

"No matter where you turn up from, the staff will make sure you have everything you need and are looked after" says Mel.

I had the privilege of staying in the deluxe suite for an evening, where fresh plush bath robes and slippers were left to relax into at the end of the day.

The motel as a whole is very deceiving from the outside, as it may look average size but inside there is plenty of room.

The rooms themselves are very spacious and decorated with homely modern décor.

The beds are very comfortable, with plenty of pillows and soft plush blanket a top providing a great night's sleep.

Mel and Nigel have even invested in the same bed themselves after experiencing them.

The rooms are equipped with double glazing and the extra thick doors provide more than ample noise control from the road to ensure the best sleep possible.

Mel and Nigel get to know their guests during their stay at BK’s Hamilton Motel and create a home away from home for them.

“We can have a good laugh with guests, have their keys ready for when they arrive. We remember what they want for breakfast, we know what they want to order for dinner” says Mel.

Guests travelling alone can also feel safe with cameras located throughout the premises, inside and out.

“If a guest is staying here alone, I will drive them to the hospital and pick them up if its dark” Nigel says.

In their 30 years of hotel management, Mel and Nigel believe it's the welcome you receive that makes your hotel experience special.

BK’s Hamilton Motel offers a range of rooms, from one bedroom apartments to deluxe suites, catering for all travelers.

The deluxe suite comes equipped with a new 32-inch flat screen television above a large desk to work on, with two leather desk chairs.

The suite also has two comfy La-Z-Boy Recliner Chairs, that comes in all rooms at BK’s.

“The corporate travelers love to relax into the lazy boys at the end of the day,” Mel says.

The Spa Bath in the deluxe suite is the perfect size for two and also provide a way to relax at the end of the day.


Contact BKs Hamilton Motel:

Company/Business Name: Raid Investments Ltd


Address: 50 Tawa Street, Glenview, Hamilton

Phone: 07 282 1829

Freephone: 0800 bksmotel (257668)






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