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Friday, 21 June 2024
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why get rid of rats?

Rodent Control: Essential for Protecting Homes, Businesses, and Native Wildlife in Aotearoa Auckland, New Zealand – Rodents might look cute, but the havoc they wreak on homes, businesses, and Aotearoa's native wildlife is significant.


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Monday, 17 June 2024
Saturday, 15 June 2024
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Agsafe Rural Report

Finance:  The NZ dollar was steady against the major trading currencies which is good news for the exporters.    Brent Crude is up and is around $US82.00/barrel – fuel prices have eased in recent weeks.

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Friday, 14 June 2024
Wednesday, 12 June 2024
Tuesday, 11 June 2024
Sunday, 9 June 2024
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Agsafe Weekly Rural Report

Finance:  The NZ dollar moved up against the US dollar.  The budget direction has been positive for the NZ economy underpinning the firming of the exchange rates.    Brent Crude dropped below $US80.00/barrel and is trending down – fuel prices are easing!! Wool:  Wool prices remain in the doldrums.

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Friday, 7 June 2024
Thursday, 6 June 2024



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