Property Reports In Hot Demand

Tuesday 27 November 2012, 4:03PM
By Far North District Council


A near record number of Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports were issued by the Far North District Council last month.

The Council’s Property Information and Records Team received 110 applications for LIM reports in October - nearly double the usual number - and completed all of these reports within the 10-day statutory timeframe.

Records and Property Information Manager Caroline Wilson says the last time the team issued more than 107 LIM reports in a month was in March 2007 when it sent out 122 reports.

The team normally completes about 64 reports, on average, a month.

“There is usually only one person dedicated to LIMs, so to have the entire team pitching in was very unusual.”

The team can take a lot of pride from meeting Council’s target of sending reports out within five days.

“This is a top effort and indicative of the number of bodies put onto the task, including staff in other teams who put their work on hold to provide information for the reports.”

The spike in requests for LIM reports has continued this month and is an encouraging sign, given economic conditions.

“The number of applications doesn’t necessarily translate into house sales, but it does indicate a higher level of activity in the real estate market.”

LIM reports provide information Council holds on a property, including potential hazards and conditions attached to the use of the property.

The reports help buyers make informed decisions when they buy a property.