Councillors encourage private sector investment

Thursday 29 November 2012, 3:08PM
By Marlborough District Council


Councillors say encouraging private sector investment is critical to revitalising the town

The Marlborough District Council says private property owners have a vital role to play in helping to put into effect the Council’s strategy for the revitalisation of the town CBD.

Mayor Alistair Sowman said key to moving the town centre forward is opening the way to good communication with property owners, developers and property investors so that they all have a better understanding of the Council’s aspirations for the CBD.

The Blenheim Town Centre Revitalisation Strategy was completed in 2009 and approved by the Council with a number of the recommendations now underway.

Councillors this week agreed that it would be worthwhile to review the proposed staging outlined in the strategy and identify where the private sector might get involved.

It is anticipated that a sub-group would review the priorities set out in the strategy and identify those most likely to attract private sector investment.

Ideally, that sub-group would be able to call on independent architectural and property development advice from professionals with no commercial stake in the town as well as drawing on the views of councillors themselves, said Mr Sowman.