Leanne Crozier and Sarcha Feary (Decipher Group) Leanne Crozier and Sarcha Feary (Decipher Group) CREDIT: Decipher Group

More Overseas Than Local Applicants Applying for Certain Jobs

Tuesday 11 December 2012, 11:19AM
By RedPR


More than 70% of executive level job applicants wanting roles in specific sectors are coming from overseas according to leading Christchurch recruiters Decipher Group.

Decipher partners, Sarcha Feary and Leanne Crozier say they are currently receiving considerably more overseas applicants than those from Christchurch or New Zealand for management level jobs specifically in IT software development, higher level IT / web design and in particular construction fields like Quantity Surveyors.

For example, three IT roles for which Decipher is currently recruiting has attracted more than 50 applicants across the three roles with around 12 applications from New Zealanders.

“The applicants are primarily from Ireland, India and Asia, with a few from Australia and the UK. They are “fresh” and excited about how Christchurch will grow and develop in the next few years and want to be a part of it,” says Leanne Crozier.

Specific examples of overseas applicants include one man from Singapore who arrived in New Zealand at the end of November, and another from India. Many bring families with them.

A number of new arrivals will be experiencing their first southern hemisphere Christmas, which will be interesting especially for those used to the snow and cold!

Sarcha Feary adds that there are still plenty of local applicants for executive level roles in Christchurch.

“When it comes to many other roles we recruit including CFO’s, Business Development Managers, CEO’s, and Operations Managers, our most substantial pool of candidates is based in Christchurch or elsewhere in New Zealand with only a handful coming from the international market,” she says.


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Decipher Group is based in the Hazeldean Business Park, off Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch.