Trademark treaty a boost for exporters

Thursday 13 December 2012, 3:08PM
By Craig Foss

Commerce Minister Craig Foss has congratulated two New Zealand companies for being among the first to register under the Madrid Protocol, a major international trade mark treaty.

“With the full implementation of the Madrid Protocol this week, New Zealand entrepreneurs can now protect their brands in up to 87 countries with just one application,” says Mr Foss.

Mr Foss congratulated avocado exporter AVANZA and outdoor clothing manufacturer Betacraft for being two of the first New Zealand companies to file an international trade mark application through Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ).

“These companies have clear export growth potential. With the Madrid Protocol, it is now easier for them to register their brands in up to 87 countries and protect their trade mark as they expand into more markets.

“Innovation is a key part of the Government’s Business Growth Agenda. By implementing the Madrid Protocol we’ve provided a significant boost for New Zealand entrepreneurs and exporters that are selling and marketing their products overseas,” says Mr Foss.

The Intellectual Property also launched an overhaul of its online system for applying for and managing patents this week.

“The online system cuts down on processing times, removes the need for paper filing, and reduces compliance burdens,” says Mr Foss.

Mr Foss says the new system contributes to the Government Better Public Services goal to reduce business costs from dealing with government by 25 per cent by 2017.

For more information visit www.iponz.govt.nz/cms/iponz/about-our-services