Lower Hatea River Crossing injects $14.5million into local economy

Tuesday 18 December 2012, 3:37PM
By Whangarei District Council


The news around the Lower Hatea River Crossing is all good as 2012 draws to a close. The $29 million project is 62% of the way to completion and $14.5million of contracts, more than half of total construction costs, have been let to local companies.

​“We have just awarded the contract for 140 tonnes of steel ballast for the bascule (lifting section) to Donovan’s, a Whangarei engineering company,” said Whangarei District Council Infrastructure and Services Manager Simon Weston.

“Today we celebrate completion of the last pier for the bridge.  That means remaining work on the bridge itself is focused around completing the bridge beams and deck, guard rails, hand rails and lighting, constructing an asphalt surface and concrete footpaths, installing the bascule itself and the hydraulic rams that will enable it to rise and close.

“While local companies continue with their work programmes, projects are also advancing well overseas.  The bascule lifting section, being constructed in pieces in China, is nearing completion and will arrive here in two shipments in early February and early March.  The hydraulic rams that will lift the bascule section are also nearing completion in Holland and will arrive here in late February.”

Mr Weston said the largest sections of the bascule would arrive by ship at Marsden Point and be transported by road to the site.

“This promises to be a pretty big operation, the biggest single load being the deck, 26m x 5m x 1m high, weighing 33 tonnes, followed closely in size by the J4 arm (the lower half of the hook structure).  The comparatively smaller pieces will be shipped to Auckland and transported by road.

Mr Weston said the Port Road (bridge) roundabout is complete, and is just awaiting line markings and signs which will be done in conjunction with the Okara roundabout, which is open on one side at the moment and due to be completed by the end of January.

Preparation is progressing at the site of the Riverside Drive roundabout. The walls on either side of the large culvert that will run under the roundabout have been retained. The preload, designed to consolidate the soil under the roundabout and aid settling, is expected to be removed in February and work forming this roundabout will begin in March.  

Coming up next year:

In January

The last bridge beams and precast concrete deck sections will be installed, along with bridge handrails and the concrete footpath on the Pohe Island side of bridge.  The Okara Drive roundabout will be completed and work will continue on the Pohe Island road, drainage works at the Riverside Drive roundabout, and electrical installation.


The first bascule section shipment will arrive and assembly will start on site.  The hydraulic rams will arrive and guardrails and facia panels will be installed on the Port Road side of bridge. The Pohe Island road will be completed and the pre-load will be removed from the site of the Riverside Drive roundabout. Construction for the control room for the bascule will start.


The second bascule section will arrive and assembly will be completed on site.  Hand rails will be installed and the concrete footpath on the Port Road side of bridge will be poured.  Construction will begin on the Riverside Drive roundabout. Pontoons and fender piles will be installed in the River, and the control room will be completed.


The bascule section will be launched out over the River. Work will continue on the Riverside Drive roundabout construction and landscaping will start.


The bascule section will be commissioned and work will continue on the Riverside Drive roundabout.


The Riverside Drive roundabout will be completed.


The project will be completed and an opening ceremony will be held.

Follow this link to view images of the bridge: