Catch and Release for Rotomanu's Grass Carp

Monday 7 January 2013, 8:00PM

By New Plymouth District Council



Lake Rotomanu relies on its grass carp to stay healthy – so if you catch one of the fish, please put it back.

That’s the message from New Plymouth District Council and Taranaki Fish and Game.

“The carp are there to help control lake weed and obviously we need them to stay in the lake to do their job,” says Manager Parks Programmes Steve McGill. “The more carp there are, the less chemical control we have to do.

“If any grass carp are accidentally hooked, the anglers should catch and release straight away so that the lake will continue to benefit.”

Fish and Game Field Officer Allen Stancliff reminds anglers that anyone fishing in Lake Rotomanu with gear suitable for taking trout and perch is required to hold a current Fish and Game sports fishing licence.