i-SITE 2013-2016 Strategy

Wednesday 9 January 2013, 5:56PM
By Tourism New Zealand

In late December 2012, i-SITE New Zealand published its Strategy 2013-2016.

The new strategy was developed through consultation with the i-SITE membership during 2012 and was approved by the i-SITE NZ Board in November 2012.

The strategy document was formulated amidst a number of challenges facing the network, to provide guidance for individual i-SITES when developing their own business planning documents.

The strategy also doubles as a profile document that explains who i-SITE New Zealand is and what it does as well as detailing its new strategic direction for the next three years.

In addition to a refined mission, vision and goal the new strategy outlines four key strategic objectives that will be implemented:

- Grow our profile through partnership brand marketing
- Boost network productivity
- Adequately resource i-SITE NZ and review rules to empower members
- Increase i-SITE business intelligence and demonstrate value to our stakeholders.

Learn more about the i-SITE network  here and access the Strategy document here.