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Plane crashes, occupants missing; 'we are saddened and will give 'huge' support as soon as a plan is concluded. ' - Canadian Goverment
Thursday 24 January 2013, 11:53AM
By NP Linked Taranaki

Breaking News: Bad weather is severely hampering the search for a plane missing on a flight from the South Pole.

The New Zealand Rescue Coordination Centre, who are coordinating the search for the Twin Otter aircraft, are yet to make contact with the three Canadian men onboard.

They are also unable to comment on the state of the aircraft or the crew. But hope to be able to drop a kit which includes things like survival gear and a satellite phone at the site.

The aircraft's emergency locator transmitter was activated at around 10pm last night.

The beacon is transmitting from the Northern end of the Queen Alexandra Range, within New Zealand's Search and Rescue Region.

The pilot of the plane carrying two passengers missing in Antarctica is believed to be experienced and well equipped to survive in the cold.

"New Zealand are going to give as much support we can for these men and will continue to do so" says a spokesperson for NZRCC.

The canadian goverment has said 'we are saddened and will give 'huge' support as soon as a plan is concluded. '

This is breaking news, and developing.

Dribble NZ News will bring you updates on this as it develops.