Family statement - Steve Andrews

Friday 25 January 2013, 3:09PM
By New Zealand Police


Wellington Police have been asked to release the following statement on behalf of the family of Steve Andrews.

To be attributed to family spokesperson Helen Coffey:

We wish to express our deep gratitude to all of Steve's friends and acquaintances who have offered us their support.

As a family we've have been reading the numerous stories you have shared.

The stories have made us both laugh and cry. They have all shown how many lives he touched.

We have been overwhelmed by the contributions you have made which have been a huge help to get him home.

It has been a huge relief to finally have him with us after navigating what, at times, has seemed like a lengthy legal process.


• The funeral will begin at 1.00pm on Monday 28 January at the Holy Cross Church, Miramar.
• The family wish to thank the media for respecting their privacy and request they are not approached when arriving or leaving the funeral.
• Media are asked to remain outside the Church and are advised that the burial is private.