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Solutions to the housing and unemployed situation

Friday 1 February 2013, 11:40AM
By J. James

where are the creative innovating ideas that could invigorate this nation ?

So many small towns in New Zealand are relics of their former glory days – What happened ? 

Work dried up big industries closed down or small thriving business couldn’t match the output of places like the warehouse or mitre 10 and other ‘superstores’ 

Today our biggest city Auckland has become a super city – of nearly 2 million people crammed into a space intersecting natural environments with modern motorways - it is the 21st centuries idea of living

homelessness and joblessness is rising – poverty is rising – rents are escalating and home ownership is declining due in many parts to student debt repayments the cost of basic living and over inflated property values

People are stressed, working long hours in unsatisfying jobs, that can no longer keep up with the cost of living/inflation for whatever reason.  Jobs shipped offshore to the lowest bidder – the causalization of the work force  - you name it – all of it will be contributing – including the devaluation of the role of motherhood and the right to be supported in brining up the children of the future in a harmonious and finically independent way

Few today can afford to relinquish one income in order to provide this to their children – day care like wet nurses of the past are thriving  and Beneficiaries - especially solo parents/mothers - are still the scapegotst of the 21st century ills, seen as ‘taking’ from society rather than inhancing – this mentality reveals an ideal that is no longer working on any level

where are the creative innovating ideas that could invigorate this nation ?

It becomes clear watching the first sessions of parliament that they will not be found within its walls – instead we witness the juvenile name calling and mud slinging with voices raised - like arrogant well insulated elites who retain positions of power and influence - they are out of touch with the ordinary kiwi  - a kiwi who is becoming increasingly frustrated at the huge discrepancy between the rhetoric and the action – nice speech but meaningless in terms of reality – this kiwi is seeing first hand how the systimatic sell out of the peoples assets now prevent this nation from getting back on its feet

what really happened to the thriving communities of long ago ?

In the days when we had assets that made this nation thrive – most are now sold off, or corporatized like Fonterra, Enza – independent business gone – can’t compete on the world market that never existed way back then

Way back then there was NO globalistion only local markets, and gradually over time things changed - think tanks by politicans - corporate take overs, sold assets, expensive set up and complice costs for business - and the mantra of the elites business round table of growth growth growth at any and all costs

something serious is out of balance – so in my unemployedness I have decided to offer my services in brining forth some inventive ideas that – if implemented could change the fortunes of small communities and big cities alike and bring the real price of living back to those who want it - a quality of life and the freedom to live it

It will however require out of the box thinking - to tweak your mind slightly away from the narrow confines of circular thinking presently considered intelligence by political parties, and others in such institutions

the first idea is community work and funding

Since the elites have bankrupted the nation and now scramble to find the dosh to pay back the IMF -  money has been pulled from most communities – with the rising number of jobs going off shore – or small business going bust more and more are reduced to low wages or the dole

I recently heard of a job that I would be so suited to – but it was in the community and no longer exists because there is no funding for it

why can’t ones benefit be seen as part funding ?

the benefit can be topped up  to become a liveable wage - that then becomes community funding by govt who believes that  paid employement is seen as the only cure to unemplioyment narrowing the vast scope of how people do find meaning and value in their communities -  This way a person  becomes once again a unit of value as seen on the accounting books of the treasury  where usually human life/value  is reduced to viable  or unviable units.

The key to this is choice – people can choose whether to do this or continue on and look for work – no coercion or threat of penalty which is still illegal under the international labour laws signed by NZ .  At the same time community groups and organizations will have  funding for the people they need for the projects they need. The most fulfilling jobs I have ever had have been within community groups as volunteer how much more fulfilling then if the benefit  was seen as supporting community by being funded by govt and i was not forced to leave such a position in the lurch to search for paid work

of course there will be those aghast at such a thought – but with some shift in the belief systems it can be achieved - actually it should be the individuals choice not the state but thats another story  

The second creative innovative idea that has come to me – came to me today through a Facebook post of a house on Trademe in Tuatapere.  Now its in the back of beyond  with stunning rural surrounds accesable to the biggest tourists spots in the land – small communities like these could begin to thrive if there were govt incentives to relocate and start small community business for locals

I mean seriously what IS this governmetn doing in the way of job creation and affordable housing and incentives for starting small business - hello ?

Congested cities with smog and little room to move can empty out their citizens who might want a country lifestyle for their children – who can be enticed by government incentives to invest in local business with attractive welcome packages

the houses are cheaper some are $45,000 or less and the lifestyle slower and more rewarding - a sort of qulaity of life - the old fashioned tradition styles of fresh air and home grown food could begin to prosper in lifeless rural communites rather than squashed in city backyards

As this humanity starts to realise that stuff does not buy happiness and nor is it a bargain – as they start to realise that life is not about working as a wage slave but has inherent within it  a seeking for expansion and quality -  things can begin to shift within the standardized systems of belief

If Garth morgan could put just as much attention into something like this rather than trying to use his power inflluence and money to promote the irradication of cats from these shores while succesfully upsetting cat owners then this nation might stand a good chance of standing on its own two feet once again

but oh I forgot – we need enlightened politicians  and interprentuners – not just unemployed dreamers.

actually I am NOT simply unemployed I am totally under utilized  and dreamers as  john Lennon knew well can imagine a whole new world