Speight's – the great yarn series

Friday 22 February 2013, 2:55PM
By The PR Shop


We are often encouraged to get better work stories - it seems those working for Speight’s have been living the dream.

Having been around since 1876, it’s not surprising there are a few yarns to be told from the famous Speight’s Brewery* in Dunedin.

To locals, the Speight’s Brewery has been much more than just a Speight’s Mecca, it is part of the rich heritage of the region, proudly stitched into the blue and gold fabric of Otago.

And now thanks to world-renowned storytellers from film company Farmer Clark,these stories have been brought to life in a series of six beautifully shot short films. ">

Throughout the films, you will discover the iconic Speight’s brand like never before, from the passionate people who work in the Dunedin brewery itself, the Highlanders and the hardworking recipient of the Speight’s Fund working to make the Otago Peninsula pest free.

It’s an intimate and revealing snapshot of the Speight’s ethos. Integrity,teamwork, people - the Speight’s Dunedin based team lives and breathes thesevalues and this is hugely evident in the films.

You’ll discover that the Speight’s team is exceptionally proud of what they standfor, what they have done, and where they are heading. No matter what their jobentails, everyone is united by an infectious pride and passion for their work andthis series of films captures it brilliantly.

As the drinkers of Speight’s will appreciate, there is nothing better than knocking off after a day of hard slug, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer with your mates -the yarns flow from there. Each yarn will be released on