Hiking New Zealand Taking Outdoor Adventures to Our Children

Monday 4 March 2013, 12:11PM
By Hiking New Zealand


Hiking New Zealand (HNZ), who have been operating hiking tours throughout New Zealand for 20years, have designed and launched two active outdoor adventures for children and adults alike just in time for the New Zealand and Australian autumn school holidays.

All four owners have young families and see firsthand the benefits their children get from exploring the outdoors in a safe environment. Anne Murphy was a teacher when she and her husband bought into the business and her passion for education has seen HNZ create Family Safaris, where a parent/caregiver can travel with their child and experience the sense of accomplishment that goes with facing and overcoming challenges in the outdoors. These Safaris are not intended to be structured learning experiences; however, by the very nature of the tours they build people's self esteem and independence. The adults and children/ young adults alike connect to the environment and develop a care and guardianship for Aotearoa, New Zealand whilst being immersed in beautiful wilderness areas.

Anne Murphy, with two children of her own, comments “I believe the opportunities for learning outside of the classroom are immense and we love to spend time with our children in the outdoors. Hiking as a family is great! Walking, talking and discovering cool things with your kids is something special. It may also be the beginnings of a lifelong appreciation and interest in the outdoors for the children. It is the planning that is the key to a successful introduction to tramping for children, and that is our job."

“We have designed the Family Northern Explorer so that children from the age of eight can achieve the day walks and kayaking on offer whilst camping and exploring in the northern tip of the North Island. On the Family Southern Explorer you can enjoy more of a challenge and backcountry camping under the stars. We have two overnight hikes, in both mid-Canterbury and Mt Aspiring National Park, where backpacks will be carried by all so it is suitable for students 13 years and over. ” explains Dan Murphy, the Operations Manager and Director at HNZ.

The trips are also a great way for overseas students to experience some of New Zealand’s natural attractions and hone newly learnt language skills. Getting the chance to experience a wider range of the New Zealand culture and travel as a group into the great outdoors with an accredited adventure provider  is all part of getting the most out of an exchange to New Zealand.
HNZ is getting people out of the office and out of the classroom and doing something in the school holidays.

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