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The Craft Collective - A Celebration of Crafty Kiwi Things

Thursday 14 March 2013, 3:35PM
By The PR Shop

Mac’s is known for being refreshing in both taste and personality, and its new promotion provides a refreshing approach to winning prizes unlike any other!  Celebrating crafty Kiwis doing clever things, it has joined forces with a whole heap of them to offer some amazing stuff to Mac’s fans.

Available on all 12-packs of Mac’s, it will give purchasers a unique code that can be redeemed for entries to win crafty prizes at Entries can be held on the website, which will also include compelling content and stories about the crafty people behind the prizes, and what’s up for grabs.

Featuring prizes like some Theophany speakers (designed by Garth Murray), Crane Brothers suits, Kingswood Skis, the Dew hanging Chair (designed by John Deuchrass), Raglan Longboards, Dave Berry Guitars, a Jeffson bike, Coast outdoor furniture and a custom piece of art by Otis Frizzell – this is the most unique lineup of prizes from celebrated crafty Kiwis ever offered (to our knowledge!)

A smaller promotion later in the year will also be active through Brew Bars where a purchase of any Mac’s jug will provide a scratch card offering into the same draw.

Mac’s is New Zealand’s original naturally brewed craft beer, and this promotion is designed to celebrate Mac’s drinkers and their impeccably good taste by bringing them the finest of everything!

“Fans of Mac’s will be well aware that everytime they raise a glass they toast the crafty nature of Kiwis. We’d now like to raise our glass back at other crafty Kiwis, and celebrate ingenuity and orginality across our country by offering the very best that our nation of designers and artists produce alongside our brews,” says Mark Scown from Mac’s.

“This is a unique promotion and our lineup is only the tip of the New Zealand design iceberg, so we’d like to think this is the beginning of something more long term.”

Look out for the branded Mac’s packs hitting the shelves this month - the promotion will be online for six months.