Eat Right Foods to launch with "world" donation ?!?

Monday 18 March 2013, 9:00AM

By Eat Right Foods Limited


EATRIGHT® branded food products will again feature in WorldFest celebrations to be held in Los Angeles in May. This year the company will donate samples of its slowdried organic apple snack packs and may launch one or more of its bioavailable nutrient product range.

The current range of EATRIGHT® products incorporate unrefined and raw plant ingredients that promote nutrient density and contain vitamins and minerals in amounts that exceed the claimable thresholds required for recommended daily intakes. Not with-standing that, it has long been recognised that naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in plant based products are low in bioavailability! Conventional processing from a raw state does little to combat the presence of anti-nutrients limiting bioavailability and absorption even further.

For this reason Eat Right Foods developed the EATRIGHT® Mineral Rich Cookie. It fully complies with FDA labeling regulations and is able to make the following claims …

  • Rich in manganese, copper and magnesium,
  • A good source of calcium, iron and zinc
  • An excellent source of fiber

… no other known food company is able to make such claims without fortification! Considered a “world first”, it would be fitting for it to be launched at WorldFest.

Work began on the EATRIGHT® Mineral Rich Cookie and the bioavailable product range, with assistance from the New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation, over two years ago. However, protection and enhancement of the company’s intellectual property rights has delayed the launch, distribution and licensing opportunities to date.

As well as donating to WorldFest, Eat Right Foods has donated and supported organisations such as the Soil and Health Association, S.A.F.E, the Coeliac Society, BioGro, Greenpeace, the Heart Foundation, Alameda Food Bank, Van Ness Homeless Shelter, Allergy New Zealand, Organic NZ, and worked on joint initiatives with TradeAid, Happyzine and Wild Health.

The EATRIGHT® brand has been used on a diverse line of healthy food products made from certified organic ingredients for more than a decade. Eat Right Foods and its products have won awards, government endorsements and recognition throughout the world.

WorldFest is touted as “the largest green, compassionate-living festival and the only completely solar-powered celebration of healthy living, the environment, and social consciousness”.

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