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Food 5:13AM
Holy guacamole, where have all the Avocados gone?

Foodstuffs North Island Merchandise Manager - Produce Brigit Corson with Primor Head of Domestic Avocado Sales Regan Booth explain what’s happened to New Zealand Avocados.   It’s a favourite toast topper for Kiwis, but you may have noticed Avocados have become scarce from supermarket shelves of late.

Regan Booth and Brigit Corson

By Foodstuffs

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David Clark
Food 6:16AM
Government acts on supermarket duopoly

The Government has put supermarkets on notice, and the message is clear: change at pace to increase competition and be prepared for regulation, Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, David Clark announced today.

By David Clark

Thursday, 12 May 2022



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