our most priceless Asset Gone ...no march up Queen street - no protests for nature our most priceless Asset Gone ...no march up Queen street - no protests for nature CREDIT: google

R.I.P Nature ....

Saturday 6 April 2013, 6:03PM
By J. James

One of NZzzz priceless ASSETS have been reduced to dots called national parks and new Jackel grass designed to stop birds from gathering spell the doom for NZzzzz


A story of the future

Once  upon a time the land once called Aotearoa - was full of native forest and bird song could be heard from every where - the people of the land valued this priceless national ASSET and created DoC to conserve it for all generations

over time however the native forest began to shrink - the diverse range of food source for the large range of assorted birds began to disappear - indeed in its haste to save the forest from pesky unwanted creatures - poison was dropped an in many places bird song was silenced

however one untamed wild pesty creature managed to destroy much of the priceless ASSET of this land without any protest marches up main streets, this public ASSET was finally limited to tiny pockets of land which the people called National Parks - no poison was dropped, no protest was mounted, just silently over time both the birds and forest began to disappear ...and in thier place stood the mighty PINE

The land became green with pine plantations and manicured paddocks for growing food - animal, and vegetable - every where - vast tracts of land were given to pine and agri-culture - joy joy said corporations - joy joy said politicians - joy joy said councils - DoC was silent their work load decreasing by the year - their time now spent trying to mitigate the loss

To today's young children a pine is the national tree since its every where they look - they know the 'bush' only in terms of pine trees - but they don't realise that the quietness they hear is not natural - that once - a long long time ago there were many birds and the native forest which was their home was always alive with their song

Then one day a smart group of people decided to invent a grass to stop birds landing at airports -it was called THE JACKAL GRASS - and it was magic - it had a fungus in it that would deter 'unwanted' creatures from airports on account of them always inconsiderately banging into the nations planes and causing million$ of dollar$ worth of damage - apparently

but soon the grass worked so well the corporations started buying it for their golf courses, and their recreational grounds, they even convinced farmers to buy it for their paddocks and then they started selling it to home owners - but home owners who lived next to the airports and glof courses and parks had already discovered that it had blown over their fence so they saved themselves a lot of money and didn't have to buy this anti bird and anti insect grass - joy joy said the corporation - joy joy said the politician this is adding to our GDP and every one was happy

but there were no birds and no insects

only pines and mines

the year is now

R.I.P native forest, native birds and DoC - you did such a good job there isn't anything left to conserve