IRD Debt and Student Loan Negotiations

Sunday 28 April 2013, 5:40PM

By Andersen Accountants Limited


We regularly receive inquiries from people with tax or student loan debts that they cannot pay. Often the people involved have tried talking to the IRD and been given the brush off by front line staff. Sometimes people in this situation need to consider bankruptcy. Before you consider bankruptcy, and before you give up because it seems like you’re getting nowhere with the debt or the IRD, please talk to us. We can often help to negotiate a debt write off, or reduction, or a repayment arrangement, even if the situation seems hopeless. Even if bankruptcy is a realistic alternative for you, it’s worth trying to see if it can be avoided – if we can’t negotiate a good resolution for you (usually we can help), at least you will know that you have tried everything.

In terms of cost, we will discuss what is affordable for you and then tailor a solution that fits your budget. Common scenarios involve a client agreeing that we will carry out work to the value of $250, or $500. In many cases that is the entire cost, however, if it is not, we will not charge you any more unless good progress has been made and if you are happy to take things further.

Kristina Andersen
Andersen Accountants Limited
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