From the humble flat white to the decadent affogato the evolution of coffee has been a lifelong passion for Jody Joblin of The Red Cherry Café in Cambridge.

Monday 13 May 2013, 9:26AM
By Media PA


Jody Joblin began making coffee in the espresso style about 18 years ago in the ski fields in Australia.

“My boss had a very antique espresso machine and I wasn’t allowed on it without direct supervision. It was mysterious and exciting and hence my passion began,” says Jody.

Coffee machines have come a long way since then. Nowadays coffee machines have a lot to offer the cafe barista including “the ability to deliver different temperature levels to each head depending upon the style of roast you are using and grinders which are automatic and deliver the perfect quantity of grinds,” says Jody. There is always automation and innovation happening in the coffee industry to meet the increasing standards of coffee lovers everywhere.

The preparation of the coffee itself has evolved so that customers now expect an excellent coffee.
“Barista competitions have helped  in inspiring and nourishing a professional body of people, who are passionate in the art and science of making espresso, and making it to a high standard,” says Jody.

Coffee is becoming increasingly about the individual taste of the individual coffee, and as such the pre conceived ideas about perfect extraction times are also being challenged. “For instance, what we were doing ten years ago, adhering to a strict 30 second extraction, is challenged as it is the resultant espresso taste and balance, and the barista knowing his/her blend and technique to coax out the optimum flavour as opposed to being dictated by a stop watch,” says Jody.

The amount of boutique roasters in New Zealand has increased significantly in the past ten years, which helps to aid the concept of freshly roasted New Zealand coffee and encourage competition and diversity. “It is supported by the New Zealand Coffee Roasting Association which has a broad membership base and they provide on-going training, seminars and industry benchmarks to assist with enhancing the quality of coffee in this country,” says Jody.

“At the end of all this, the humble ANZAC invention of the Flat White has been and will continue to be our most popular in house beverage,” says Jody.

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