Ghost Wave Ghost Wave CREDIT: The PR Shop
Beck's art labels found on a limited-edition range of Beck's bottles. Beck's art labels found on a limited-edition range of Beck's bottles. CREDIT: The PR Shop

Turning beer into art since 1874

Tuesday 14 May 2013, 4:27PM
By The PR Shop

Beck’s has made beer an art form in more ways than one for quite some time. Now, New Zealand Beck’s drinkers can enjoy the masterpiece that is a Beck’s brew, from a bottle that’s just as artistic.

In its latest Music Inspires Art campaign, Beck’s is supporting an up and coming Kiwi band, Ghost Wave, for the release of its first album, called Ages.

As part of the album release, Beck’s briefed six established New Zealand designers to each put together three pieces of work inspired by music from Ghost Wave’s new album - all of which have become Beck’s art labels, and one of which will be chosen by Ghost Wave as its album cover art.

These eighteen Beck’s art labels can now be found on a limited-edition range of Beck’s bottles throughout New Zealand, and feature a visually exciting array of music-inspired designs – from Mayan figures, to pixelated hourglasses, dark clouds, photographic mosaics and polygons.

Beck’s is also filming Ghost Wave’s journey in releasing its album, and is posting the fly-on-the-wall style mini documentaries on its Facebook page throughout the process.

To “meet” Ghost Wave and follow their album release, visit

To drink a work of art out of a work of art, find the Beck’s art bottles at all leading retailers from mid April.