When is it too late to seek help with tax or student loan debts?

Saturday 18 May 2013, 1:12PM

By Andersen Accountants Limited


We help many people with overdue tax debts and unfiled tax returns.

Some of the people we help haven’t filed tax returns for 10 years; others haven’t understood that the situation is serious until they are served with IRD bankruptcy proceedings.

One question is: when is it too late to seek help to negotiate a settlement of your tax debts? If you have already been bankrupted or your company has been liquidated there are some circumstances under which you can undo this, however, this would be uncommon. For most people this stage would be too late.

If you have been served with debt recovery proceedings, or even a liquidation or bankruptcy application, we may be able to help but you need to contact us without delay. Obviously, the earlier you contact us the better. We help many people with tax and student loan debts and the main thing to remember is that it doesn’t go away, so the sooner you seek help to negotiate a write off or repayment arrangement, the better.

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