9,000 Student Loan Debtors Targeted for Arrest

Tuesday 4 June 2013, 10:17AM
By Andersen Accountants Limited

The government is targeting 9,000 student loan debtors for arrest when they enter or leave New Zealand. They are also looking at refusing to renew New Zealand passports for student loan debtors. The clear message is that doing nothing about a student loan debt, that you are not up to date with, is not an option. Doing nothing will just cause the debt to grow and increase the likelihood of severe measures being taken against you by the New Zealand government.

We can help to evaluate all of your options, which may include:

  • Applying for a write off of all or part of the debt.
  • Negotiating a repayment arrangement that actually works for you.
  • Assessing whether bankruptcy would leave you better off.

No matter what the best long term path is for you, you can be sure that taking control and dealing with the problem will leave you better off.

Kristina Andersen
Andersen Accountants Limited
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