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Tuesday 11 June 2013, 9:04AM
By Customer Experiences Ltd

The recent RightNow survey found that 61 percent of New Zealanders removed their business from companies whose service didn’t meet their expectations.

Business understands that due to the incredible amount of choice customers now have in an increasingly commoditised market, delivering an ordinary customer experience will result in increased costs as customers look for a better experience.

However, New Zealand businesses have an opportunity to revive their own wellbeing and enrich the national economy, by returning to the fundamental truth of business – it’s all about the customer.
Customer Experience Management New Zealand Ltd (cemNZ) , in partnership with New Zealand Business magazine is seizing the initiative to being the business community together around the critical area of business performance improvement. 
Two of New Zealand’s leading experts in customer care and customer experience management have committed to making available a valuable business resource.
   cemNZ is a collaboration between Chris Bell and Paul Linnell - well known in New Zealand as strong advocates for improved customer care as a driver for business success.
  cemNZ will be providing seminars, access to advice, guidance and support to New Zealand businesses. Membership is free.
cemNZ has identified a lack of customer experience development expertise as the key reason customers are not receiving more consistent quality service and experiences.

There is no lack of understanding in business as to the benefits of delivering a consistent high quality customer experience. The frustration from both customers and front-line employees is coming from the lack of action to address this vital area of business performance.

Research confirms that companies that provide exceptional service have a strong competitive advantage. Customers are prepared to pay higher prices, make additional purchases, are more loyal and recommend the business to others. All of this can be worth millions of dollars to the local economy.
Exceptional service is harder to attain than ever before. Current research shows that customers expect better service from the companies they deal with yet overwhelmingly believe they are getting service that is no better, or even worse. This leaves customers feeling underserved, resentful and angry.

To address the lack of expertise in customer experience development and management cemNZ is running a series of unique workshops throughout the country. The first will be at the Vector Arena in Auckland July 9th
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