Retailers warned over counterfeit notes

Friday 16 August 2013, 2:53PM
By New Zealand Police


Christchurch Police are warning city retailers to be on the lookout for
counterfeit $20 notes.

The Police Fraud Squad has received four complaints this week of counterfeit
$20 notes being circulated at retail outlets.

Acting Detective Sergeant Mike Freeman says it appears that the offender or
offenders have purchased items at large or busy stores, handing over the
counterfeit $20 notes hoping that they won't get noticed.

"The complaints we've received so far have all been from stores in the
Riccarton area," he says.  "They include a supermarket, a bulk retail store
and a couple of smaller outlets.

"At first glance the $20 notes may look and feel genuine, and in a busy store
they may go undetected - particularly if the fake notes are combined with
other denominations of notes.

"However a closer inspection of the notes will clearly show that the notes
are counterfeit."

Police are not disclosing details of the counterfeiting, but say that among
the features detected are duplicated serial numbers.

In one case the counterfeit notes were detected at the till, while in other
instances the notes were only discovered when staff were reconciling cash at
the end of the day.

Acting Detective Sergeant Freeman says Police will be speaking to a person of
interest in relation to the complaints.

"We would still like to hear from any other businesses that have found any
suspicious looking notes.

"We are urging retailers to be on the alert for these notes, and to make sure
their staff are paying particular attention to the security features on the

"Police should be contacted immediately if counterfeit $20 notes are

Anyone with information about counterfeit notes or the persons responsible
for producing and circulating the notes should contact Detective Mark Kolmer
on (03) 363 7535 or Christchurch police on (03) 3637400.

Alternatively, to provide information anonymously contact Crimestoppers on
0800 555 111.