Turners Car Auctions Quashes Popular Car Auction Myths

Friday 30 August 2013, 12:17PM
By Pure SEO

When it comes to buying a car at auction, we know is that it is a great way to ensure we get the very best value for money. What is not so universally known is that each car’s price is decided by the bidders at the auction so you never pay more than its current market value. Kiwis love a bargain and for a nation of bargain-hunters there are still plenty of us who haven’t tried buying at auction for various reasons. With that in mind, the team at Turners auctions would like to dispel some common myths about buying at a Turners auction.

Myth number one is that Turners only sell cheap ‘bangers’. Yes, it is true, Turners have a great selection of ‘budget’ vehicles and, in fact, at many Turners branches they have special budget vehicle auctions but this is certainly not all they sell. New Zealand’s major vehicle leasing companies, rental car companies and Government agencies all use Turners to sell on their behalf. Their vehicle fleets are usually late-model, neat and tidy and regularly serviced. On any given day, Turners will have hundreds of vans, utes and transporters for sale across the country. Also, for those who are looking for something a little bit special, Turners regularly list high-end vehicles, from Audis and BMWs to ‘ultra-prestige’ makes like Maserati, Porsche and Ferrari.

Another myth surrounding Turners auctions is that Turners is just for car dealers. Not only is this totally untrue but it is actually the number one reason you should be searching for your next car at Turners. Dealers to buy around half of their stock, then they take these vehicles to their yards and sell them on to the public. By buying a car directly from Turners, you are cutting out the middle man and paying a lower price.

There is also a myth that you need to be a ‘car nut’ to find something decent at a Turners auction. This is not the case at all as Turners encourage buyers to have their cars inspected before they buy and will help to arrange an independent mechanical inspection service. Another myth is that buyers will have no protection if something goes wrong with the car. Turners have plenty of options available to help their buyers drive away with total peace-of-mind.

There is a myth that going to auction takes up a lot of time. Turners Live online bidding allows buyers to bid from anywhere in the world. Also, Turners accept cash, direct debit and major credit cards as payment and, finally, Turners not only sell by auction but also have a ‘buy now’ price on most of their vehicles. To learn more about buying at Turners, visit their website at