Council Commitment to Wanaka Sports Facility Unchanged

Thursday 12 September 2013, 12:09PM
By Queenstown Lakes District Council


Council commitment to a major sports facility in Wanaka remains unchanged, with QLDC advising today that it had completed a design peer review of the facility and had also appointed an external project manager to drive the next stages of the development.

QLDC Chief Executive, Adam Feeley said that the peer review undertaken by Warren & Mahoney Architecture highlighted the need for some modest, but important, changes to ensure the facility was futureproofed for growth in Wanaka.

"We need to plan for significant growth in Wanaka, and with that growth will come increased and different recreational demands that the facility will need to be able to provide for."

Project manager for the development was RCP which had managed the delivery of Eden Park and AMI Stadium in Christchurch, along with local involvement in the development of Remarkables Park in Frankton.

"We have given RCP a direction that the project needs to meet a completion date of early 2016, and, with that deadline, we have to ensure that we move to the next stage of preliminary design by the end of this year."

Mr Feeley said that the single most important step in the project was to confirm access and title to the land at Three Parks and North Three Parks where the sports facility is to be sited.

"Our design review and project plan identifies a need for some additional land, and earlier title and access to the existing land to ensure that the completion date is achieved. While we do not currently have this agreed with the developers, we are confident that they will work constructively with us to ensure that a project of this importance to the Wanaka community is not delayed."

The $16.7 million development in Wanaka is one of the most significant projects in the Council’s ten-year plan, with the first stage including indoor courts, tennis courts, and two sports fields.

Further stages include the development of an aquatic facility and expansion of the indoor courts.

Provided agreement with the developers is secured, QLDC expects concept designs for the new facility available to the public before Christmas.