The multi award-winning motor yacht, Loretta Anne, built by Alloy Yachts in New Zealand is just one of many examples of the world-class design and workmanship coming from New Zealand Marine Export Group member companies. The multi award-winning motor yacht, Loretta Anne, built by Alloy Yachts in New Zealand is just one of many examples of the world-class design and workmanship coming from New Zealand Marine Export Group member companies. CREDIT: Alloy Yachts

Compelling 'New Zealand story' to feature at Monaco Yacht Show

Saturday 21 September 2013, 5:51PM
By Relish Communications

With heightened awareness of the New Zealand marine industry around Emirates Team New Zealand’s enormous profile at the 2013 America’s Cup, the 17 New Zealand-based organisations working together at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show aim to build on that compelling story of technological innovation, team work and incredible attention to detail.

While the astounding speeds of the AC72 catamarans are very different to the ultra-luxurious style of superyacht for which the Monaco show is so well-known, the technology transfer between race and super-sized yachts is more common than you might think, says Stuart Robinson, chairman of the New Zealand Marine Export Group which co-ordinates the joint exhibition space dubbed ‘New Zealand Street’ for member companies.

“A number of NZ Marine Export Group members present at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show such as Southern Spars, Hall Spars & Rigging, North Sails and Doyle Sails continually and actively evolve technology developed for one application such as race yachts and utilise it equally effectively for other applications such as cruising sail or motor yachts of all sizes,” says Robinson.

“In a similar vein, Emirates Team New Zealand’s phenomenal teamwork and attention to the smallest detail which could affect the successful outcome of each and every race are characteristics inherent in the ‘New Zealand story’ that NZ Marine Export Group members come to Monaco to share.”

Ed Dubois, founder of the multi award-winning Dubois Naval Architects, provides an independent view of the New Zealand marine industry.

“The point about New Zealand industry is that it has been a phenomenal success due to the country’s marine heritage, complete awareness of the sea and its power, an ability to build anything because of New Zealand’s isolation, and the necessity over its whole history to be independent,” says Dubois. “It is a combination of these things which has allowed the culture for New Zealand to develop into one of the best boat-building centres in the world.”

Dubois’ comments highlight the growth of the wider New Zealand marine sector with local companies evolving to supply boatyards and then all working together to profile New Zealanders as expert, valued contributors to the global marine market.

This year’s line-up of NZ Marine Export Group member companies in Monaco features specialist marine suppliers Harken, Magnus Marine, C-Quip, Events Clothing, Manson Anchors, Maxwell Marine and Yacht Lifeline, part of international medical supplier MedAire, as well as New Zealand’s award-winning boat-builders Alloy Yachts, Fitzroy Yachts and McMullen & Wing. In addition, representatives of Robinson Interiors, Superyacht Interiors and Lloyd Stevenson Boat Builders will be present on New Zealand Street.

New Zealand as a cruising and refit destination is also being featured on New Zealand Street. Three central and local government agencies – New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Tourism New Zealand and Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) – join forces to create ‘Destination New Zealand’. With the assistance of NZ Marine Export Group representatives, show visitors can talk to the Destination New Zealand team to find out a wealth of information and resources for those thinking of bringing their vessel to New Zealand to cruise the scenic delights of the country’s 15,000 kilometres of coastline and/or make the most of the many award-winning service and refit facilities around the country.

A newly-published book called Destination New Zealand is available, free, in electronic or print formats. It combines tourist and travel resources, detailed up-to-date information on the regulatory requirements for vessels when visiting New Zealand, and a directory of over 100 NZ Marine member companies providing maintenance and refit services.

Robinson notes: “Currently over 600 smaller cruising craft (10-24 metres) and 35 superyachts (24-90 metres) visit New Zealand and these numbers continue to increase each year. Many NZ Marine member companies are well-known for their talents as refit providers and we see increasing numbers of yacht owners combining cruising to and around New Zealand with scheduled maintenance and refit work on their vessel. The world-class standards of workmanship and design of numerous yachts refitted in New Zealand have been recognised through international awards presented to the yachts’ owners and the companies involved.”

The full list of participants on New Zealand Street, QJ1-10, Quai Jarlan is:
• C-Quip
• Destination New Zealand
• Events Clothing
• Fitzroy Yachts
• Harken
• McMullen and Wing
• MedAire
• North Sails
• Magnus Marine
• Southern Spars

Also represented on New Zealand Street:
• Lloyd Stevenson Boat Builders
• Robinson Interiors
• Superyacht Interiors

Independent exhibition sites:
• Alloy Yachts (QT12)
• Doyle Sails (QS74)
• Hall Spars (QS32)
• Maxwell Marine (QS50)
• Manson Anchors (QT22)

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